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Enhanced Skills Application

Welcome to the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills online application at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Before starting the application form, please ensure you have prepared all of the following required information. Once each step is completed, you will not be able to go back and edit your submission.

1. Application Requirements

  • Contact Information

  • Program Applying for

    For residents applying to an individualized program, please contact Dr. Grushka ASAP prior to submitting your application to determine the feasibility of your program. If approved, it will be the resident's responsibility to describe the goals of the program as well as the medical expert objectives and to secure preceptors and rotations. This will need to be submitted with your letter of intent.

  • Education

  • Postgraduate Training

  • Licence Information

  • Writen Examinations

  • Languages

2. Required Files

Only .pdf and .doc/.docx file formats are accepted and there is a 10mb file size limit.

  • A Personal letter

    Maximum 2 pages double-spaced, addressing the following:

    • Why did you choose this particular program?
    • What are your expectations of our program?
    • What are your objectives for the year and how the year of training will fit into your future practice plans?
    • At this point in time, what are your future career plans?
    • Considering your future plans, what aspects of our program do you think will be particularly helpful to you?
  • Curriculum Vitae

    • Your most recent CV.

3. References

Title, first name, last name, phone contact, and email address are required for the following references

  • FM Preceptor

  • Other Preceptor 1 of 2

  • Other Preceptor 2 of 2

  • Program Director

Dr Daniel Grushka Program Director